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mindful living

Less as More

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Or like you are suffering with sensory overload?

I sure do. Sometimes more often than I would care to admit, even…. Lately it seems to manifest as “social media fatigue”. Like when I scroll through Facebook or my Instagram feed, it is just that, scrolling, without really taking …

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warming cashew milk

Spicy & Warming Cashew Milk

This hot drink is surprisingly easy to make, so don’t be put off just by looking at the (long) ingredients list! Admittedly that used to be one of the things that was a deciding factor for me in the past when trying out new recipes, but slowly but surely I’ve extended my both my skills and my spice selection, through …

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Food & Spirit


We are at the final Aspect on our rainbow journey of the 7 Systems of Health! This is the SPIRIT Aspect.

I can’t remember when I figured out that I was ‘spiritual’. Perhaps I’ve always believed in something Greater.

Though a “man-made” religion never felt like it was for me, I do find it difficult to believe that there’s not …

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cavolo nero

Cavolo Nero Salad with a Mexican Twist

This weekend I finally feel like I’ve hit those Autumn vibes in my kitchen. After a massive haul of fresh groceries, since my fridge was literally empty on fresh food and 2 hours of cleaning out my pantries I think I feel ready to move into the last quarter of this year. And to get cosy with woolly jumpers, fires …

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