10 fun facts about me

Straightforward Nutrition

Here’s a 10 fun and fabulous facts (if you want to know a little more) about me:

1. I grew up in South Sweden, in a tiny little village called Oderup, a really beautiful part of the world.

2. My mother was a vegetarian with a keen interest in health when I grew up , so my interest in food and health has always been an important part of my life. She is still trying to convince me I ate spirulina with my porridge as a child!

3. I moved to Ireland in 2001 and have lived here permanently ever since, apart from two trips to Australia. I love Ireland, with all its magical and rugged beauty and would now consider it my home. We are blessed with some good quality food here and have some great artisan food producers around the country, so there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy healthy eating.

4. I have two dogs called Ojay & Buddy. The keep me sane & drives me insane… Luckily not in equal measures and usually not at the same time! You may see them featured on My instagram from time to time.

5. My native and first language is Swedish. Despite me having an Irish accent!

6. I have way too many cookbooks (I’m afraid to do a head count!)

7. Most of my money is spent on food in one form or another…

8. My preferred footwear is wellies in the winter and sandals in the summer. Or barefoot when suitable 😉

9. I’m spiritual but not religious.

10. I tend to trust my gut (instinct) and follow my heart in all things that matter, and I think you probably should do too. <3