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raw chocolate

Tahini-Orange filled Raw Chocolate

Can you have sweet treats that are actually beneficial to your health and body? I, for one, would like to think so.

It can be so confusing knowing what to eat these days… However if you stick to the “wholefood principle” you can’t go too far wrong. The overall message coming through from research done in the field of nutrition …

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Apple-Beetroot soup

Apple-Beetroot Soup – Winter Soup Series 1

Since we had a Summer Salad Series, I thought it I might treat you to some Winter Warmers over the coming months. Soups are such an amazing way to enjoy seasonable vegetables and to ensure you eat your minimum of 5-a day. Enjoying a big bowl of soup daily is a surefire way of making sure you get at least …

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summer salad

Buckwheat Tabbouleh with Strawberries – Summer Salad Series part 2

I know, I know it might not feel all that much like summer at the moment… It has been a temperamental one here this year, that’s for sure. But before the strawberry season is well and truly over, I thought I’d share this next salad recipe as part of my Summer Salad Series.

If you went ahead and bought some …

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Setting great intentions for the year ahead

Goal setting for the New Year

So it’s a New Year! Exciting? Yes! Isn’t every day we wake up a new beginning and with new possibilities to create something different, though? Or an opportunity to simply carry on as we are? It’s just that this time of the year the end of the old and the possibilities of the new is more apparent, with all the …

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Looking for better health? Start here!

You feel pretty healthy, right? No major worries.

Just a bit tired at the end of the day? A bit achy? Fitness flagging a little? Carrying a few extra pounds?

Digestion a little sluggish? But no major worries right?

Because overall you’d say you’re healthy, enough. Or maybe not…

The World Health Organization defines health as:  “…a state of complete…

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