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The importance of giving yourself full permission to eat (ALL foods)
Without moral judgment… I’ve been grappling with the headline for this particular blog post because part of what I also[...]
Marrying Nutrition with Intuition
We live in an era where so many people cook less, eat in a hurry and yet often are more[...]
My Sugar Story
“Don’t be ashamed of telling your story. It may inspire others” – Unknown With that in mind, I will tell[...]
Food as Self care
What does self care through food and eating look like? This was the question I proposed at our latest Nutrition[...]
Cultivating Body Awareness
FOR THE SENSES “May the touch of your skin Register the beauty Of the otherness That surrounds you.   May[...]
How to develop an attitude of gratitude
The definition of attitude is “a way of thinking”, “a frame of mind” or “a view point”. All too often[...]
Life lessons Learnt from Hiking
Why is it that sometimes we need to repeat the same learnings over and over?   Last week, I started[...]
Less as More
Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Or like you are suffering with sensory overload?[...]
Feeding the Hungry Ghost – Cravings & Desires
Have you ever heard the saying “feeding the Hungry Ghost”?   In Buddhism these creatures are depicted as having large[...]
Food + Love
Food + Love. I was recently reminded of the healing power of having a meal made and shared with love.[...]
Mindful Eating vs Intuitive Eating
I really wanted to explore the topic(s) of Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating. And this is by no means and[...]
How Mindful Eating can uplevel our lives
I am going to introduce some more non-recipe blog posts, from now on. Because let's face it, food and nutrition[...]