Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy Explained:

Nutritional Therapy combines the scientific disciplines of biochemistry and nutrition with the practice of naturopathy. As a Nutritional Therapist I work with my client to make the diet and lifestyle changes that will help them improve their physical well-being.

Food is more than just fuel for our bodies. It has the power to help our bodies heal. The right foods (for you) can help us feel more vibrant, alive and energetic than we ever have before.

But you won’t need to read stacks of textbooks, or spend hours studying complicated recipes to enjoy the benefits of a Nutritional Therapy approach to food.

You can start today! One small change at a time. Every time you choose to eat the most nutritious option available to you at that moment, you have taken a step towards better health.

Linn Thorstensson Dip NT CFSP mNTOI

Linn Thorstensson Dip NT CFSP mNTOI

My role is to help you make these small but significant steps until a nutritious diet,

one that nourishes your whole body and promotes your physical wellbeing, becomes a way of life – for you.


Everyone Can Benefit From Nutritional Therapy

Often my clients become interested in taking a Nutritional Therapy approach because they are experiencing a health problem. They may have a troublesome digestive system, skin problems, tiredness, unexplained aches and pains, stress or anxiety. Most are able to live a ‘normal’ life while battling through these ailments, but it’s a struggle.

Often they have been checked out by their GP (which is a sensible precaution if a symptom is causing you concern), but either no diagnosis can be given, or treatment has been ineffective. Or sometimes people are keen to support their recent diagnosis with a nutritional approach.

Sometimes clients come to me without a specific problem. They’re just fed up of just getting by, of only feeling OK. They know that with the right changes a fitter, healthier, more energetic body (and mind) could be theirs. They just don’t know how to get started.

Instead of chasing away bad health one symptom at a time, Nutritional Therapy uses nourishing, healing foods to allow your body to move back to its naturally healthy state of well-being.

With the right nutrition you can feel vital, vibrant and alive.


Finding A Qualified Nutritional Therapist

Professionals in the field of Nutritional Therapy have worked for years to establish recognised standards of training and practice.

In Ireland, you should check any Nutritional Therapist is a full member of the NTOI (Nutritional Therapist of Ireland). This is the professional association of qualified Nutritional Therapists. It shares a common code of ethics and practice with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

All NTOI members must be trained in clinical practice, be fully insured, and comply with the NTOI’s requirements for Continuing Professional Development (which means they undergo training throughout their career).

I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist. I completed my diploma at the College of Natural Medicine in Cork City. I am also a full member of the NTOI, so you can find me on their list of members here.


What To Expect When Working With A Nutritional Therapist

To get started I will need to hear how your body is working right now. I will ask you to tell me all about any symptoms or problems you are experiencing, any conditions you have been diagnosed with, and the ways in which you think your body could serve you better. Our very first consultation will therefor be very in-depth.

I will also need to hear an (honest) account of what your diet and lifestyle is like. You won’t shock me with your tales of 2am chocolate binges, or passion for a fried breakfast. I’m not here to judge you. And remember, I have been where you are now. My mother gave me the foundations for a lifetime of healthy eating. But I still ended up having a diet of sugar and processed foods, due to my sweet tooth and busy working life. At that time I didn’t necessary realise the major impact what I was eating had on how I felt. And I certainly had no idea at the time how truly amazing I could feel!


It is because I found my way out of that, combined with years of studying and training, that I am now able to help you do the same.


Next, I need to know all about your well-being goals so I can help you move towards them. Many of my clients have been battling with weight problems for years. Some are seeking to use nutrition to improve their sports performance. Others just want to feel better.

Whatever your vision, with my help, you can get there!


Just Imagine

Do you remember the boundless energy you had as a child? Wouldn’t you like to recapture that feeling? To wake up every morning, after a restful night’s sleep, and jump out of bed, ready for the adventures of the day. To look at your body and see a friend not an enemy. To know that you are working with your body to provide the nourishment it needs, and in return your body will feel alive, energetic and vibrant.

Working with me offers you Simple Ways to FEEL Amazing!


All my programmes are underpinned by the latest nutrition research and science plus ethos of Nutritional Therapy.

You can work with me in a One-to-One personalised programme using Skype and email support. Or face to face if you live locally.

To find out more, or for a free 30 minute consultation, please contact me here.

I also offer Food Intolerance Testing, and other tests for digestive issues, locally in Mitchelstown and Fermoy, co. Cork.