​7 Self-Care Essentials: 
To reduce stress & overwhelm and restore calm 
in just seven days!

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Do you often feel like you are running around like a "headless chicken", constantly chasing your tail?

Often feeling overwhelmed with all that is on your to-do list, yet never feeling like you do enough, no matter how much you actually do?

Me too!

I've grown tired (in every way imaginable) of always feeling like I'm on the proverbial treadmill. 

Doing more and more, never feeling rested or even fully present for my life.

And I am equally tired of seeing women (and men) putting everyone, bar themselves on top of their priority list, with the result of those they love the most, often losing out as a result of their health and wellbeing suffering, all due to this selfless sacrifice...

It's time for a change, or a pause.

But hey, holidays don't come cheap...

So here's another novel idea!

For this 7 day Self Care "Challenge" (let's call it that because in my experience it is often a challenge to truly look after ourselves) 

I have put together some of my favourite tools to help you integrate daily self care practices, to help you create space for more energy and clarity.

 And less feelings of stress and overwhelm!

Every day you will get an email with an invitation to ONE daily SELF CARE activity which can be done (almost) anywhere, at (almost) anytime. 

Simple yet powerful tools. 

Just what we need in an ever increasingly fast-paced world!

What is included in the programme?

Day 1 - a guided meditation to help you become more focused and feel more grounded 

Day 2 - a check in to pay attention to your hydration status, which can play a role in how we feel

Day 3 - an energy inventory. Where are you spending your precious time? And how to improve energy levels

Day 4 - how include nature to nourish you as part of your self care routine

Day 5 - how to make your daily cup of tea / coffee into a sacred pause 

Day 6 - how to ask for what you need and honour that

Day 7 - how to make the power of gratitude part of your self care tool kit

After 7 days you will have 7 new tools in your selfcare tool kit, making you feel more empowered, as well as giving you more resilience to deal with life's daily challenges.

And because I am a nutritionist and foodie, I have off course(!) included some nourishing recipe inspiration too.


I am a registered Nutritional Therapist with a special focus on mind-body nutrition.

My mission is to inspire people to realise how quick and simple it is to cook nutritious food, how empowering it is to change the negative thought patterns in our mind and how much better we can feel, both inside and out, just by making a few simple changes to how we eat and live by putting ourselves first for a change!

I have in the past six years of practicing helped 100s of people feel better, have more energy and develop a healthier life through food, eating and lifestyle techniques.

Now I am looking forward to do the same for YOU!​