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Straightforward Nutrition

Rainbow Pizza

I’m going to start off with a little confession this week… I actually created this recipe and photographed it about three months ago. It’s been sitting all pretty and ready to be shared, but it hasn’t been until know, that the time has been right. You see, I’ve been on a journey over these past months. Not so much literally, …

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Salad Straightforward Nutrition

Green Freekhe Salad – Guest Post by Sprouting an Old Soul

This week we are changing things up a little! I’m delighted to introduce you to the lovely Shanna Jade who runs the blog Sprouting an Old Soul. Her beautiful recipes coupled with insight and wisdom makes for an excellent read.

To allow you to get to know Shanna Jade a little better, I will allow her to take the lead.…

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kale and quinoa salad

Black Quinoa Salad with Kale – Topped with Crunchy Apples & Toasted Hazelnuts

Time to get back to winter greens. No need to skimp on the raw stuff just because the weather has gotten a little cooler eh? This recipe is one I made for Chelsea – Aka The Naked Fig, back in the Spring as part of our guest blogging swap. As it turned out to be a big hit with her …

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Healthy Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie for Beginners – Part 1

Are you part of the Green Smoothie Club? If smoothies are a very recent addition to your daily menu, making it a green one may still feel a little daunting. Or if having liquidized greens still seems a little ‘too out there’ for you, yet you are curious about trying out one – then this recipe is for you.

The …

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