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Cultivating Body Awareness


“May the touch of your skin

Register the beauty

Of the otherness

That surrounds you.


May your listening be attuned

To the deeper silence

Where sound is honed

To bring distance home.


May the fragrance

Of a breathing meadow

Refresh your heart

And remind you, you are

A child of the earth.


And when …

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when judgement gets in the way of change

When judgement gets in the way of change


I’ve been pondering all week, what to write about next. As I wass doing some research into the relationship between stress and digestion for our 1 day retreat this past weekend, I thought perhaps I should share some of those findings with you.

But then I thought, what about the stress around making the “right” food choices?

What about…

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Less as More

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Or like you are suffering with sensory overload?

I sure do. Sometimes more often than I would care to admit, even…. Lately it seems to manifest as “social media fatigue”. Like when I scroll through Facebook or my Instagram feed, it is just that, scrolling, without really taking …

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Mindful Eating vs Intuitive Eating

I really wanted to explore the topic(s) of Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating. And this is by no means and exhaustive blog post about it either… Albeit still a bit of a lengthy one.

What is the difference between mindfulness and intuition? And what’s the difference between eating mindfully and eating intuitively?

Let’s get clear first of all, that this …

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