Just a quick mail to say “thank you” for all your help / Advice since June.  I know I am much more aware and conscious of what I MUST do to get back on track to be more energetic / positive / and fitter so as to have a healthier future. You have done your job and I have received Value for Money, so thanks again.

K.Barry, Cork, October 2015 


Before I started the program I was having trouble with my weight, excessive sweating and motivation. I was fairly worried about my health and general wellbeing. The program made me look at my life as a whole and how my lifestyle was negatively impacting on my health both mentally and physically.

During the program I initially lost weight then gained it again which I was really disappointed with myself, Linn showed me how to switch my focus to the positives that I had achieved- I’ve dropped a dress size, I’ve loads of energy, my sweating has decreased.

A side effect of this is I’ve been doing things I’d been putting off for 2 years, doing the garden, organising my room and clearing out my wardrobe. Once I started “Clearing out my Life” the weight started to come off all on it’s own without me even trying.

I have a real sense of achievement and I know that this is a permanent change because there is no effort to it, I’m not sacrficing anything I’m just choosing the healthier options!

If you are thinking of trying Straightforward Nutrition I’ll warn you now… This is not a weightloss program it’s a positive lifesyle change! With the added bonus of feeling great and losing weight! Oh and the food is delicious too!

Mary Gibbered, Glanworth, August 2015


I have Type 2 Diabetes and I was struggling with my weight and had very bad eating habits and did not have any energy and was feeling very low in self-esteem. I was worried that I would have further problems with my health and was doubting myself at every turn and kept thinking that I didn’t have much to be proud of.

Linn helped me strip everything back to the basics and to start believing in myself and to have the courage to start anew by changing my habits in small steps and setting goals on a week to week basis. I now also exercise regularly and trying to get a half hour walk in on a daily basis and the results have been amazing.

I started with Linn in October and with her help, guidance and nutritional help I went back to Specialist on the 10th of March 2015, 14kgs lighter and I got great feedback from my doctor and all my blood tests came back with the best readings I’ve ever had. Their advice was to keep going with my plan and they would be very happy to reduce my medication in the future so I only have to use my diet to keep my blood sugars on an even keel.

Working with Linn has been fantastic and life changing for me, Linn is a very kind person with loads of experience to pass on and you can really talk to her about anything and she is a great listener. Her programme is easy to follow and gives you a superb range of foods to choose from and along with the exercise programme it has really worked for me and I would now consider Linn to be a good friend and will continue to seek her advice in the future when I need some support.

I have no hesitation in recommending Linn to anyone having problems with their nutritional needs and her programme worked fantastically well for me and her constant help and advice throughout our time together was well worth the cost of the 3 month period.

Linn’s personality is infectious and enthusiastic and it makes you want to  do well for her as well as yourself. Go on, make that leap as I did and you will see anew you in as little as 4 to 6 months!

Robert Murphy, Wicklow, April 2015


I was always on the heavy side when I was a child and into adolescence. I always loved the sugary food and drinks and as an adult, tried many times to lose weight but failed to do so. I joined many different diet groups but decided that wasn’t for me.

I hated buying new clothes as I would have to buy a bigger size. I have some health problems which included high blood pressure.

Before starting the programme with Linn I was worried about; How would I manage to give up all food that I loved to eat ? How would I find the taste of new foods and vegetables? Would I miss the sweet taste from sugary drinks and food ?

Since working with Linn over the past couple of months I now have more energy, I’m able to do more difficult exercises, lost weight and fitting into smaller size in clothing.

I feel so much happier in myself and I like going for walks more now than sitting down!

Give it a go and give it a chance, nothing else before has worked for them so why not try it out.  I’m delighted that I gave it the time and learned to taste some new foods!

Susan Holland, Fermoy May 2015


I had been struggling with a lot of food intolerances and wasn’t sure how to improve my diet to help my digestion

Being on this programme has helped me broaden my spectrum of food I eat. I’m eating things I never thought of before and am adding a lot of new ingredients to my diet every week. My diet is now a lot more diverse than it had been before. It also helped me to set little goals every week and not expect to be able to do everything at once.

I have achieved to broaden my food spectrum when I thought my diet had just gone the opposite way!

Linn is a very inspirational person and I have enjoyed our biweekly skype sessions immensely. She has gone above and beyond in her consultations and has helped me to not only in learn about new food groups and recipes but has also build up my confidence in myself and has shown me what I have achieved so far and the endless possibilities that are out there.

If you are thinking of doing a personalised nutrition programme with Linn, I’d say without any hesitation DO IT now. It will transform your life. Linn has a unique approach in that she helps you achieve things for yourself. She doesn’t present them to you and you just follow she actually helps you learn and see things for yourself which I think makes all the difference.

Christine Schnell, Dublin, Dec 2014


I’ve struggled many years with PMT and as I am now heading in to my mid 40s it seem to be getting worse, starting earlier and lasting longer. My energy over the past year had dropped significantly and I felt myself getting more stressed and anxious. I knew this wasn’t me and I didn’t want to continue living my life like that. I just wanted to Me to be the best Me I could possibly be.

Having had a nutritional consultation with Linn and followed her advice I can hand on heart say I feel it has given me my life back. It is fantastic to know what it is to feel good again. My PMT might only last 1-2 days and my energy levels has never been better. My skin and hair is much better too. I’m back to running 4 miles, three to four times a week and I’ve gotten a lot faster too!

From the outset I knew I could be completely honest with Linn and she listened to every single word I said; her questioning technique was amazing & the way she pin pointed things that I hadn’t even thought about.  Eventhough PMT was my major problem Linn looked at the ‘whole picture’  i.e. health/work/lifestyle. Linn was so genuinely concerned about my dilemma that I had complete confidence that she would get to the bottom of it and she did.

Linn is amazing; she is so passionate about her work and truly believes in what she does and I really like that in a person.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and wish her every success in life. She’s one in a million and I am truly grateful for what she has done for me.

Ann O’Flynn, Fermoy May 2014


I now think more about what I eat and eat more fresh foods and vegetables every day. I’ve been trying out new things and liking them. As a result I now have a much healthier diet and attitude towards food. If you are thinking about doing the Lean & Clean programme, go for it!

G. O’Brien, Fermoy Dec 2013


I found the Lean & Clean programme very friendly and helpful. I am now more mindful when I am eating. The food tastes great and the recipes are really easy to make. Just go for it.

B. Harris, Fermoy Dec 2013


Before meeting Linn I felt bloated, tired and over all not well in myself. I had been to my GP who just put it down to being overweight and not active enough. Even though I knew I was overweight, I felt there has to be more to it. So I seeked out Linn to get help and check out if I had any underlying food intolerances. Since meeting Linn and having the test done, I feel less bloated and have more energy. And if those symptoms return, I know it is because I have been eating some foods which I am intolerant to.

I’m still learning what foods to eat and what not. The change is hard but I am getting there. Linn is so helpful and cares about you. I feel like I can go to her anytime with a problem or when the going gets tough. Knowing there is support there makes it so much easier.

Ciara, Cashel Feb 2014